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Hello Friends

A very Happy New Year to all our friends and supporters from the AZAR team.  I’m feeling rather blessed (and I admit – a little bit surprised!) in this new year, reflecting on the fact that we have at last been able to make some progress with the development of Chikowa Primary School out in central Tanzania.

At this time last year, you may remember that the story was all about the difficulties we were experiencing as a result of the pandemic. We were deeply saddened by the death of two of our committee members, challenged and puzzled by communication gaps, frustrated with the failures of the water supply and wondering if we would ever be able to make plans to visit our dear friends again.

What we did hold dear to our hearts, however, was that with God’s grace, we had weathered difficulties before. We continued to hope and to pray, and you did, too. You also demonstrated your love and commitment to our projects by continuing to support us financially, for which we are very grateful.

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Early last year, we resolved to try to get the water project, well… flowing again. We contacted other agencies and organisations and asked for advice, information and helpful contacts who might just be on the ground in our area of Tanzania. We followed up the leads and eventually resolution came in a most unexpected way.One organisation had been involved in sinking a borehole with a solar pump for a local village. It was less than a kilometre away from our school and the water was of good quality. The organisation was willing and ready to partner with us to help the children at Chikowa school. Another organisation had an experienced water engineer travelling to our region. For a small fee he agreed to visit and report back with his views. We were gradually honing in on a solution!

You will be able to appreciate the wonderful outcome of this story from some the pictures and video in this gallery. In the few days just before Christmas we had running water at the school and a 5000L water tank to store it in. What a gift. We had built a pipeline from the village borehole and have free, running water as a result.

And so to the future. We’re planning to commission foundations for the next 3 classroom block very soon, and though we may not be able to visit yet ourselves, we have a much stronger team in Tanzania to manage things for us, and the communication issues are largely resolved. We are looking at supplying an electricity connection, too – but trying to focus on one thing at a time.

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We really can’t thank you enough for all of your prayers, financial support and encouragement. I look forward to reporting more progress and exciting developments to come.


Thank you, Caroline Purdy-Valentine

AZAR Trustee

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