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Developments at KPS

When visiting the school during March 2023 we were delighted to find that the school was looking absolutely wonderful. The school has grown significantly having had an additional six classrooms built. Funds for this have been provided by a local Government agency in order to meet the requirements of the huge growth in population in the area. As well as this, all classrooms, staff and headteacher's rooms had been upgraded with shiny grey floor tiles, white plasterboard ceilings fitted with fluorescent lighting and new roofs throughout. The electricity throughout the schools runs from the installation AZAR provided in 2016. The whole school looked like it had been newly painted and on the outside of some of the classrooms, local students had painted beautiful colourful pictures.

Headteacher, Jesca, informed us that in the last four years, only one student failed to graduate to secondary school. This child would usually have been able to repeat their final year to but they either chose not to or were not allowed to by parents. KPS received an award this year naming it the number two school in the entire Dodoma region which has nearly 200 schools.

The AZAR UK team are so delighted to see that the school is thriving, children look happy and well fed, and are graduating to higher education. We are incredibly grateful to all our friends and supporters who have volunteered, regularly donated, prayed and stayed with us for so long. God bless you all.

We will continue to provide KPS with funds for maintenance, books and desks, but trustees do feel that now that the school is benefitting from significant government funding, AZAR will focus on other projects.


The school now has 2067 students

This includes 37 special needs students

52 teachers.

21 classrooms

1 special needs block

1 dining hall doubling as a large classroom

1 kitchen

1 storehouse

1 teacher's house

2 special needs toilet blocks

4 regular toilet blocks

KPS Panorama no commentary
Special needs toilet block
KPS walkway classrooms tiled
KPS New roofs

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