Chikowa Primary School

August 2019 Building Project

Nine volunteers set off on the 9th from the UK for Dodoma, Tanzania to visit our new project school, Chikowa Primary, and to help build a much-needed two-classroom block. This will make eight classrooms in total and we hope to add the final two next year.


The team worked for eight days helping to complete the foundations and then bringing up the walls. It was hard work as the blocks are very heavy (around 22kgs each) but we made really good progress in the time. We worked with our three 'fundis' (expert builders) along with many local volunteers (somedays up to 50) from the local community. Although we've now returned to the UK the work continues and we expect the building to be finished by the end of September.

It was great to meet the headteacher Andrew and his staff along with the, nearly 500, children. At assemblies the children would sing two or three songs including their national anthem and then we would respond with a couple of our own to which the children's response was extremely enthusiastic! 

The team also found time to take games lessons with all the different classes and lots of fun was had with the frisbees, football and tennis balls. 

The team completed a successful trip with a visit to Mikumi national park where we saw lots of animals including four of the big five! Elephant, lion, leopard and buffalo - they don't have rhino).

The next phase of development is for the local Education Office to recondition the children's toilets and to establish a pipe and connection from the borehole for flushing and hand washing as part of an agreement established in 2018.

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