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News January 2021

Hello Friends

I remember the last time we sent you all an update about our projects in Tanzania, when we had just returned from building two new classrooms at Chikowa Primary School. We were all in such high spirits, having been so blessed, not just for the achievement but by the enthusiasm and contribution of our community partners.  After we left, the builders and volunteers continued with the finishing work and soon the new classrooms were put into use. We felt really joyful, and inspired to get focused on completing the job of building all four of the classrooms that we had promised, and to resolve issues around the water supply. We all felt so near to our goal!

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Shortly after this, the world clicked over into 2020, and everything changed. In the earlier months the schools were closed down completely, and at that time even our Tanzanian committee members weren’t able to visit the schools. By the end of May reporting on Covid-19 had been stopped altogether, and communications had become more difficult. Later, we received the sad news that two of our committee members had died – dear friends who had been with us since the idea of our project was born in 2003. As I was pondering all this, it prompted me to remember that our very first build (four classrooms in the middle of nowhere – a brand new school at Kisasa), had had to be cancelled at the last minute in 2005 because we just couldn’t get all the government, community, safety and supplies coordinated. It felt so disheartening! Still, our previous experience of working with Habitat for Humanity had taught us many lessons, so we knew that with God’s grace we could resolve things. Our supporters continued to contribute prayers and finances, and the eventual result was a thriving, successful school with nearly 2000 students.


The encouragement of that success, and the faithfulness of your support has sustained us and given us every reason to hope for the future. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we couldn’t have come this far without you. We’re going to be making our best effort to prepare for the day when the world opens up again and we can return to finish the work and fulfil our promises to a small community in rural Tanzania who truly deserve a better future. My steel toe boots have been cleaned off and the hard hat is ready.As we await our future opportunities, we would like to ask you all to please pray for the AZAR teams both here and in Tanzania, for encouragement and that we will prepare wisely and be ready and willing to complete our tasks when the day comes.


Thank you, Caroline Purdy-Valentine

AZAR Trustee

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