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Who is AZAR?

Our first school build project -

Kisasa Primary School

We began our first AZAR project back in 2004, when a group of friends got together to raise funds to build a much needed primary school in the village of Kisasa, near Dodoma in central Tanzania. Building started with a wonderful partnership of international and local volunteers coming together in August 2006, and the first eight classrooms were completed. The remaining eight were constructed in 2008.

Kisasa Primary School now has over 50 teachers and almost 2000 pupils. We recently sent some trustees, as unpaid volunteers, to make a detailed evaluation of our work there.


This once small school, which originally served the poorest children, is now thriving. Over the years, we have supported the school with teacher training, management advice, a food programme, kitchen, garden, dining hall, fencing, volunteer teaching visits and many maintenance projects.


Our school is a resounding success story, about which we are immensely proud! Wealthier families have now moved to the area and build new houses around the school, and the government have added roads and amenities.

The overall dynamic has changed hugely and the children there have a much better chance of going on to higher education. 

We recently decided that whilst continuing to support our beloved school with ongoing school maintenance and development work, the time has come to move on and also use the knowledge we have gained elsewhere.

Our new school Chikowa - Primary School?

It has always been on our long-term agenda to make Kisasa a 'model' school from which we could learn and one day repeat our successes (and eliminate our failures!) elsewhere. Chikowa is a small school about 20km from Kisasa. It is in a much more rural village setting and has fewer than 500 pupils. The children are somewhat disadvantaged and needs here are very great - for example, there are just six classrooms, in poor repair, and lessons often have to be conducted outside.

Our No 1 priority - clean water!

Over the last few months we have been working to provide a water source for the school and community in Chikowa. We now have a borehole and pump in place which we are delighted with and can now commence with the teachers and parents' no.2 priority....


More classrooms!

In August 2019 a team of 9 volunteers from the UK headed to Chikowa to help build a two-classroom block with local builders and volunteers from the community. All funded by Azar supporters. Read more here.

chikowa school.jpg
PNR Drilling 2.jpeg
Drilling for water at Chikowa
Chikowa Staff.jpg
Chikowa Primary
Headteacher and staff
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