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AZAR bringing IT to KPS

Pupils in Tanzania state primary schools are taught in their first language Swahili. If they graduate to secondary school they are then taught in English. Many children struggle through this transition as they have not reached the required standard of  English by that time.


During August 2016, thanks to a generous donor, AZAR installed electricity in a two classroom block at KPS. WE hope this will allow us to establish an IT suite in the school, running donated laptops with the TTRS software. We believe this will make a marked improvement in the English levels of the children as well as giving them much improved Reading as well as IT skills.

If you have a laptop you can donate we would love to hear from you. If required, we will ensure it is wiped clean of any of your information before installing the TTRS software.

Upgrading your laptop?

Contact us here for further information

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